Valuation tribunal

The Residential Property Tribunal Service administers Leasehold Valuation Tribunals (LVTs). They are an independent tribunal that has powers to resolve disputes between leaseholders and their landlords.

Both landlords and leaseholders can approach the LVT for help.

The LVT has powers to make decisions on a number of issues:

  • Whether service charge costs are reasonable
  • Whether services are of a reasonable standard
  • Whether repairs have been carried out to a reasonable standard
  • Whether specifications for future repairs are reasonable
  • Whether the insurance provided is reasonable and a fair cost
  • What the value is of the freehold in cases of enfranchisement
  • What the value is of an extension to a lease

The group is usually made up of three members – a lawyer, a surveyor and a member of the public. Someone who pays a service charge or a landlord can apply to the LVT to confirm that a charge is reasonable.

If you think the cost of a service is unreasonable, you should first talk to your housing office or use our complaints procedure. If the matter cannot be settled, you can apply to the LVT. There is an application fee of up to £500 but this can be shared if you are making a group application with your neighbours.

To apply to the LVT you must first fill in an application form saying what charges or services you have a problem with. Please contact the Residential Property Tribunal Service for an application form.

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