Transfer incentive scheme

If you live in a home with more rooms you could save money,  by moving to a smaller home that meet your needs through our Transfer Incentive Scheme.

If you live in wheel chair adapted property that you no longer need we would also encourage you to move to a general purpose home, so that someone in need can benefit from the adaptions.

If you are a Lambeth council tenant and you qualify for the scheme, the Council will:

  • ensure that as an incentive you are given high priority for a move to an area of your choice within Lambeth.
  • pay £1,000 for each bedroom you give up when you move to a smaller home or £1,000 for every wheelchair-adapted property you no longer need
  • also pay for reasonable removal or connection costs if the move is within Lambeth.

Find out more more about the Transfer incentive scheme:

Visit: theHousing Options and Advice Service at a Customer Centre