The Lambeth London Living for tenants and leaseholders - what does it cover?

The elements included in the LLL are listed below and we aim to deliver these over the next five years, with the exception of the final two items. Estate lighting, improved access and estate security will be brought up to standard from 2017 unless needed for health and safety reasons or where it is financially more appropriate to do it sooner.

The Lambeth London Living (this is not a priority order list)

1. Health and Safety: we will make sure all homes are regularly inspected to ensure gas, water and heating appliances are safe; and that communal areas and fire escapes comply with fire safety standards.

2. Water and sewerage: all homes will be provided with safe and clean water for drinking and washing. Drainage and sewerage systems will be well maintained and kept in good order.

3. Electrics: we will make sure all homes have an electricity supply and that landlord electricity supplies are safe and fit for purpose.

4. Aids and Adaptations: will be installed and maintained where residents need these to help them live comfortable lives within their own homes.

5. Heating: we will make sure all residents have appropriate and well maintained heating systems. This includes repairing or replacing individual heating systems, as well as communal boilers, where appropriate.

All plant and equipment necessary to supply the above elements will be maintained in good order and replaced when it reaches the end of its useful life.

6. Roofs: All roofs to flatted blocks will be surveyed and where necessary repaired or replaced. In addition, roof insulation will be fitted as standard where the design allows.

7. Door entry systems/CCTV: where these systems are in place they will be maintained and replaced as necessary.

8. Internal rewiring: will be maintained and where necessary homes will be re-wired. Where re-wiring is needed it will be carried out using surface mounted trunking.

9. Lifts: will be maintained so they are safe and reliable. Where lift cars and plant have reached the end of their useful life they will be replaced.

10. Windows: that have reached the end of their useful life will be replaced. All windows will be regularly maintained throughout their useful life

11. Cyclical maintenance: homes will have regular cyclical maintenance. Gutters will be maintained or replaced as necessary. All previously painted exterior surfaces, including communal areas and stairwells, will be painted. Any necessary repairs to render or brickwork will be carried out.

12. Bathrooms: in bathrooms that are in poor condition flooring and tiling will be replaced as necessary. New over-bath showers will be installed where the existing design and water pressure permits.

13. Kitchens: kitchens that are in poor condition will have new flooring and tiling, replacement doors, worktops and units where needed. All kitchens will be replaced once they reach 20 years of age. Replacement kitchens will maximise counter space and allow for modern living standards to be achieved.

14. Exterior walls: where these have a low level of insulation and where feasible, new dry lining insulation will be installed. Should further funding for additional insulation become available this will be carried out. We will actively seek to secure additional funding should it become available.

15. Secure doors: all doors will be assessed for security and, where necessary, new high security doors installed.

In addition to major building elements estate environmental improvements will also be carried out including;

16. Estate lighting: will be renewed to new energy efficient standards

17. Estates: will be surveyed for ease of access and security and any necessary improvements carried out.

We aim to bring all homes up to this Standard within the next five years and maintain them at this level for the next 30 years, or until the point where the investment standard is reviewed, depending on available resources.

In order to ensure we target spending to the homes which need improvement works we will not be replacing elements where they are still fit for purpose. Also, just under half (45%) of homes currently meet the above standard and so will not receive works under the LLL.

LLL works do not include the creation of new play areas and landscaping, which can contribute towards the "quality of place". But we know this is important to residents.

The last tenant satisfaction survey showed only 68% tenants were satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live. This puts Lambeth below average in terms of satisfaction in comparison to all other London boroughs.

We will, where possible, take on board local neighbourhood needs and try to improve the quality of neighbourhoods. However, this work needs to be funded over and above the LLL.