LLL leaseholders

How do the works affect leaseholders?

As a leaseholder you will not be charged for any work carried out inside tenants’ properties.

However, you do need to contribute to LLL works to common parts of your building or block as set out in your lease.

How do leaseholders get notified of the proposed works?

We hold meetings with residents before carrying out LLL improvements. We also have a statutory duty to issue section 20 notices to all leaseholders before works start.

The notice contains details of the works, reasons for the work, details of the contractor, an estimate of the cost. and the opportunity to make observations and raise any concerns you may have.

Please refer to section 7b of the Homeowners Handbook for more information on this process.

When will you send me a bill for the work?

We will be providing estimates to leaseholders at the beginning of each service charge period.  In any cases where we don’t have costs at the beginning of the year we will provide an estimate when works start on site.

How can leaseholders pay such large bills?

We understand that large bills can cause concern. In order to help leaseholders, we have a variety of payment options.

The work we are carrying out to buildings and estates under the LLL will improve their condition and enhance the value of your home.

As such, depending on your financial circumstances, most banks and building societies will grant an advance on a mortgage and help you to meet the cost of the works. The method for apportioning those costs is set out in each lease between the council and the lessee. The council has a duty to collect all charges that it is legally entitled to.

A representative from the Home Ownership Team will be present at the meetings we are holding with residents before works start on estates and street properties and they will be happy to discuss any queries or concerns you have about payment options.

For further enquires please contact Home Ownership Services on 020 7926 6700 or homeownership@lambethliving.org.uk.