The LLL - Keeping you informed

The LLL is a major area of work for Lambeth London Living over the next 5 years and will see significant improvements to residents' homes. We want to make sure you are kept informed of the progress of the programme and have all the information you need.

So far we have:

  • consulted with over 5,600 residents to develop the LLL based on what you told us was important to you
  • held an LLL Workshop in November 2012 where residents, partners and staff worked together. We discussed the scope of the LLL, looked at people's concerns, developed  Action Plans to address those issues and produced an LLL Delivery Charter [pdf].
  • hosted the The LLL Big Launch in February 2023 attended by over 1000 residents from al three areas. Residents were able to meet our contractor and consultant partners (who will be delivering the improvement works), see examples of a kitchen, bathrooms and doors and talk to staff involved in the LLL programme
  • produced the first two issues of the quarterly Living Standard which will keep you updated on the overall programme.

In addition we will:

  • hold information events about the LLL for residents. These will also include events around specific elements, such as the front door replacement programme
  • hold meetings with residents before work starts on their homes which will be attended by Lambeth London Living staff and our consultant and contractor partners.  Residents will be able to ask questions about the programme, the works and have any queries or concerns dealt with
  • continue to produce the quarterly Living Standard magazine
  • produce area or estate specific newsletters for residents when work starts in their area and on their homes. These will set out the dates when works will start and end, what works will be taking place, and give details of key contacts at both Lambeth London Living and with our contractor partners
  • work with our website provider to make sure we can have a postcode searchable facility so residents can find out when survey works are scheduled to their homes. The surveys are very important as they help us understand what, if any, improvements are needed to your homes and estate

We will listen to your feedback about what has worked well and what hasn't.  We will continue to make improvements to how we can effectively and efficiently deliver the LLL programme and ensure resident satisfaction levels are high.