The Lambeth Housing Standard Delivery Charter and Workshop

On 13 November 2023 over 40 residents, staff and contractors took part in a workshop to discuss the Lambeth London Living. Our aim was to work together to:

Working together to produce the LHS Delivery Charter

  • build awareness of the LLL with residents, colleagues and partners
  • find out what concerns people had about the LLL improvement programme
  • develop Action Plans to help solve those fears and concerns
  • produce the LLL Delivery Charter to help deliver £450 million of improvement works over the next 5 years
  • involve residents, colleagues and partners in producing the LLL Delivery Charter

After identifying people's concerns about the LLL we worked together to produce seven separate Action Plans around key areas such as good communications, resident co-operation and involvement and how we can all work together more effectively.

We are using these Action Plans to:

  • improve the LLL Communications and Engagement Plan to make sure we communicate the way residents want us to.
  • develop the LLL consultation process to involve residents at all stages of the programme. Residents will be:
    • invited to consultations to meet Lambeth London Living staff, contractors and partners
    • able to attend site meetings with contractors, consultants and Lambeth London Living staff
    • asked for feedback about their experiences with the LLL improvement works
    • consulted at the end of improvement works to their homes to find out how satisfied they are so we can learn what went well and where we can improve.

The Lambeth Housing Standard Delivery CharterWe also worked together to produce the LLL Delivery Charter which sets out what residents  can expect from Lambeth London Living and our contractor partners. The LLL Delivery Charter was launched on Saturday 9 February 2024 at the LLL Big Launch event. You will be able to see the Charter in Lambeth London Living area offices and our contractor partner's site offices.

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