Our tenant Board representatives

Tenant representatives are elected onto the Board by residents in the area they live. They serve on the board for four years and represent the views of all residents, and not just those in the area they live.

We have six tenant's on our Board:

Being a Lambeth London Living board member has given  Christine the opportunity to give her opinions and the opinions of fellow tenants to the board.

Christine would recommend that other tenants and leaseholders put themselves forward for the board elections as it’s really rewarding being able to see things done that you have championed, and to get positive feedback from other tenants. If you don’t feel like you can do it, you should find out more, you never know you may enjoy it.

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Hazel Barlow photo Hazel originates from Trinidad and came to England in 1965. Hazel travelled abroad before settling back in England in 1977 to marry and start a family. Hazel has four children, three daughters, the youngest of whom was born with Down Syndrome, and a son.

For many years Hazel was a volunteer befriender and a school governor and when her family were allocated a permanent home on Sackville estate Hazel became involved in the tenant and resident association (TRA).

Housing and social housing in particular is a real interest to Hazel as she feels very strongly that in order to have a happy and healthy society a decent or well functioning home is essential.

After going through the different levels of tenant involvement, Hazel decided to put her name forward for election to the Board when the Streatham Area representative stepped down. Since joining the Board Hazel has seen improvements in management generally, a 'tightening up' of contracts and a real effort by the Lambeth London Living and the Council to engage with and listen to the residents as they are the ones who live in the properties.

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John is the tenants board member for Kennington and Waterloo. He became interested in joining the Board after his time as a member of the Tenants Council.

As a tenant representative John attends estate walkabouts to look at what issues need fixing.

The Walkabouts have also helped to deal with health and safety risks including fire hazards in hallways like bikes and washing machines.

Residents feel that I represent their views and things are residents are working with us to improve estates.

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Lucy Williams photo I have lived in Lambeth for more than 17 years and have been quite proactive around the community such as being involved in the local SureStart as Chair for four years for Myatts Field and Angell Town and  local pre–school.

I continue to support my local community by volunteering with the local Tenants and residents association (TRA).

I enjoy being involved in the our TRA as it helps you to be better engaged with residents and helps you to know your residents which enables you to help them with any issue’s which they may have. This gives me the opportunity  to work more closely with Lambeth London Living by bringing this experience forward to the Lambeth London Living Board.

I decided to apply to be a board member as I wanted to represent Lambeth residents to and be able to help make our housing better for the present and the future.

I have only been on the board for a short period of time, but can already see the work carried out by the board in improving the way Lambeth London Living is structuring housing in order to improve our housing needs for the present, the future and beyond.

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