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Tenancy agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding document which sets out your rights and responsibilities as one of our tenants.

It has been produced by the Council and amended following consultation with tenants.

Changes to succession

The Localism Act 2011, with effect from 1 April 2012, amended the succession rights of new social housing tenants.

Under this amendment there will only be a statutory right of one succession to a spouse or partner for secure tenancies which commence on or after 1 April 2012. There will be no right in law for other family members to succeed the tenancy, unless the tenancy agreement allows for it. The spouses and partners must have been occupying the home at the time of the tenant’s death.

While this excludes other family members living with the tenant at the time of their death, Lambeth’s Tenancy Policy (February 2023) extends the right to succeed a tenancy to tenants’ children providing they have been living with the tenant for 12 months prior to their death. Therefore if you were granted your tenancy after 1 April 2012, your tenancy can be passed on to your spouse or civil partner, or to your children.

Tenants of secure tenancies created before April 2012 will not be affected.

Tenancy agreement

Download a copy of the Tenancy Agreement .