How to set up a TRA

If you are interested in setting up a TRA, here are a few handy tips:

  1. Get a group of fellow residents together and contact the Governance team for advice
  2. knock on everyone's door or leaflet all properties
  3. with assistance from your resident participation officer, organise an initial meeting for all residents in your area
  4. establish a steering group which will formally agree to form a residents' association
  5. the steering group then decides on a constitution
  6. you hold a launch meeting where you elect a committee
  7. then you have your very own residents' association.

These documents will help when setting up a new residents' association:

Setting up a TRA gives residents on an estate or in a local area to have a voice:

  • TRAs are democratically elected and have more influence in getting things changed than one individual
  • TRAs can influence the council's housing policies, via the Area housing forums and Tenants Council
  • Tenant groups and the council work together to select the right targets, concentrate on the real problems, and find the best solutions
  • You can meet people from your estate and organise social events
  • You will be building up the community spirit of your estate
  • TRAs enable people on the same estate to share experiences, skills, and knowledge
  • You can lobby for improvements to your estate by talking directly with council and housing association staff involved in proposed schemes to change the local area
  • TRAs can provide residents with the knowledge and experience to progress to other forms of resident involvement such as tenant management organisations.

TRAs can become the main local body for consultation when the council undertakes major projects.