Funding and resources for residents

We are committed to delivering the Getting Involved programme and have increased our funding by nearly 50 per cent  to do this.

Find out about funding and resources available to our residents below:

Getting Involved Grant 2023/14

One of the first funding initiatives we have established is the Getting Involved Grant 2023/14, which will provide funding and support for resident activities.

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TRA newsletters

Each month we email a newsletter to all TRA members whose email address we have. The newsletters contain a lot of useful information about funding, activities and opportunities for our residents. If you would like to receive them too, email and we will put you on the list. 

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Community facilities

We are working with TRAs and other groups to maximise the use of our community halls and other facilities. This includes refurbishing the facility if required as well as running a range of activities from them. If you are interested in running activities from a community facility, please fill in our online form.

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Halls to Hire

Click on the links below to find out about these halls to hire:

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