Rent arrears management service customer satisfaction survey

Lambeth London Living would like you to tell us exactly what you think of the rent management service provided by the central income team by completing this short survey.

The survey should not take longer than five minutes.

This survey has been designated to obtain feedback on key areas of the service and your views will be used to help, develop and shape the future of the service delivered by Lambeth London Living.
Q1 Have you fallen into rent arrears in the past year?
Q2 Were you contacted by Lambeth London Living when you fell into arrears?
Q3 When you fell into arrears, did you feel that we contacted you quickly enough?
Q4 If you were interviewed about your rent arrears, were you given the opportunity to discuss and resolve the problem?
Q5 Do you feel that you could approach Lambeth London Living and get help if you fell into rent arrears?
Q6 Do you, or have you had, difficulty managing money?
Q7 If you answered "Yes" to question six, please could you tell us what the cause of the difficulties are or were.
Q8 Have you received or tried to get access to any debt management advice?
Q9 If you received debt management advice, was it useful?
Q10 Did you know that you can receive advice about managing your finances at our rent advice surgeries, which are held at your local office?
Q11 Have we referred you to any of the following agencies for help and advice? (tick all that apply)
Q12 Have you been in contact with us in the last 12 months to discuss any issue regarding your rent account?
Q13 How did you contact us?
Q14 When you contacted us, getting hold of the right person was...
Thinking of your most recent enquiry with Lambeth London Living's central income team, please rate the service provided by the income management staff on a scale of one to ten. One being the lowest and ten being the highest.
Q15 Knowledge: did our staff provide you with all of the information that you needed?
Q16 Helpfulness: did our staff listen and respond to any questions that you had?
Q17 Empathy: did our staff treat you with respect and understanding at all items?
Q18 Effectiveness: were our staff able to resolve your enquiry in an efficient and effective manner?
Q19 Accessibility: how easy was it to contact somebody able to resolve your enquiry?
Q20 Overall: how satisfied were you with the overall service provided by Lambeth London Living in dealing with your enquiry?
Q21 What would be your preferred method for Lambeth London Living to contact you regarding rent related issues?
Q22 What would be your preferred time for Lambeth London Living to contact you?
Q23 What is your preferred method of rent payment?
Q24 Would you be prepared to pay your rent by Direct Debit?
Q26 Would you like to be contacted regarding the outcome of this survey?
Q27 Your details (optional)

Thank you for taking your time to complete this survey.


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