Remakery Opportunities

Remakery is a new space for making things from waste, improving skills and sparking new ideas.

Currently under construction, we are transforming a disused underground garage into workshop units for using discarded materials, repairing things, exploring people’s creative skills and learning. Once finished the Remakery will be host to wood, metal, IT, textile and bicycle workshops as well as classes and other training opportunities.

Click on the links below to find out more about the exciting opportunities at the Remakery:

Construction experience opportunity

Volunteer organiser opportunity

Designer volunteer opportunity

The Remakery are also looking for someone  IT skills and in particular an ability to  build websites with "Drupal". If this sounds like you - get in contact with Kathe Jacob on 0779 668 5241 or email

Alternatively, drop in to the Remakery on a Thursday evening 6 – 9pm and see what is going on (address below).

Remakery location

Garage Block 1, Paulet Road estate, London SE5 9HZ.

Enter via the back gate at the end of Penford Street (cul de sac opposite Minet Library).