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Over 50 Mutual Exchange families in their new homes for Christmas

PRESS RELEASE 10/01/2024

Over 50 Mutual Exchange families in their new home for Christmas

  • 58 Mutual Exchange families enjoyed Christmas in their new home
  • A further 10 families have moved in the New Year, with 20 more families in the pipeline
  • Matching bedroom tax hit tenants with overcrowded families

“It’s vital that our tenants hit by the “Bedroom Tax” are helped to find a property that suits their needs and reduces their financial burden.” Neil Litherland, Lambeth London Living Chief Executive

Fifty-eight Lambeth families enjoyed their Christmas in a new home thanks to Lambeth London Living’s Mutual Exchange programme.

Since April 2023 Lambeth London Living have been working hard to help match tenants hit by the Government’s ‘Bedroom Tax’ who need to downsize, with over-crowded families in-need of a larger home. By December they had helped almost 60 families into their new homes, and a further 10 families have moved so far this year.

Lambeth London Living’s Welfare Solutions Team, who work with ‘Bedroom Tax’ hit tenants, identified a local need for a Lambeth based Mutual Exchange programme. Manzoor Ahmed, Lambeth London Living Welfare Solutions Officer said, “Our tenants affected by the ‘Bedroom Tax’ told us that they needed to move locally within the Borough, and so we set up events and an on-line Swap Shop, to match local under-occupying tenants with over-crowded families.”

Lambeth London Living’s Mutual Exchange programme is available for tenants across Lambeth, not just Lambeth London Living, who can use the on-line Swap Shop to register and search for homes available to swap within Lambeth. Tenants are also encouraged to sign up to national exchange websites to maximise their chances of finding a swap.

Mark Ashmail, the 50th tenant moved through Mutual Exchange said, “I heard about Mutual Exchange because of the local Swap Shop. In the end I knew the person that I swapped with. After chatting we realised that we could possibly do a swap and so spoke with Lambeth London Living.

“I would encourage other tenants to be active in their search for a new home. Manzoor (a Lambeth London Living Welfare Solution Officer) really helped me when we came across some delays – and the best thing is, we’re in our new home for Christmas, with our healthy new-born baby daughter.”

Neil Litherland, Lambeth London Living Chief Executive said, “We’re working to help all tenants interested in Mutual Exchange. It’s great that we’ve been able to help almost 70 families into a better financial situation or into a home that suits their needs”.



  1. 68 families have been moved through Lambeth London Living’s Mutual Exchange programme, with a further 20 going through the process
  1. Lambeth London Living have doubled their target of achieving 30 Mutual Exchanges in the 2012/13 financial year
  1. Lambeth tenants can register for Mutual Exchange on the Lambeth London Living on-line Swap Shop at
  1. Lambeth London Living are developing their on-line Mutual Exchange Swap Shop into a Lambeth wide fully searchable on-line Swap Shop, where residents can search for properties available and receive automatic updates when suitable matches are found. This is due to be launched early in the new financial year.














Image 1, Mark Ashmeil outside his new home

Image 2, Mark Ashmeil and Lambeth London Living Welfare Solutions Officer Manzoor Ahmed

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