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Lambeth London Living Parking and Garages team nationally recognised

Lambeth London Living Parking an Garages team nationally recognised

  • Generating £1 million per annum
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Cutting void rates from 60 to 3 per cent

“The Garages team have done exceptionally well; regenerating out-of-use garages to provide a much needed resource for our residents. This also prevents garages becoming sites for anti-social activities. The fact that this will also help us generate over £1 million of additional income is a major success.”

Terry Gallagher, Lambeth London Living Deputy Chief Executive

The Lambeth London Living Parking and Garages team were named as runner-up at the national InMotion project of the year award on Tuesday, 16 April.

Photo of old doors at Hillside Road The Team were recognised for their work in reducing garage voids (empty/ unused) on Lambeth London Living estates from 60 per cent to just 3 per cent, and increasing income by over £1 million.

In 2012 alone the Lambeth London Living team brought 300 garages, which had been derelict for decades, back into use. Besides increasing revenue and serving to reduce anti-social behaviour this had the effect of transforming the aesthetics of estates across the borough.

The team carried out 95 per cent of repairs on time and changed over a thousand locks, often using recycled materials found in the garages - which helped reduce costs and Lambeth London Living’s impact on the environment.Photo of new doors at Hillside Road

Environmentally-friendly Green roofs (covered in soil and planted with wildflowers) were installed. These are not only attractive but and designed to last for 20 years. These were installed at zero cost to Lambeth London Living because the Garages team had, working with local community groups, successfully bid for a grant under a scheme designed to promote the wider use of Green roofs.

Terry Gallagher, Lambeth London Living Chief Executive said “We will be working with the Council to re-invest this extra income in services and to help alleviate pressures on many of our residents who are facing financial difficulties.”

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