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13 August: Two hundred garages for rent following estates overhaul

A £125,000 regeneration project will see over 200 refurbished garages made available to local tenants and leaseholders for rent.

The refurbishment project saw a thorough clearance of every garage, new doors fitted with extra security locks provided, new lighting and an overhaul of the communal access gates.

The garages on the Ethelred estate in Kennington and the Woodvale estate in West Norwood, had fallen into a state of disrepair. They have now been transformed and will provide a safe and secure space for local people to keep their cars, bikes, or vans.

The new garages will be available to rent from 3 September 2023 with Lambeth London Living tenants and leaseholders being offered first refusal and a reduced rental fee. Lambeth London Living tenants and leaseholders can rent a garage for £11.55 per week and others can rent a garage for £18 per week.

Lambeth London Living Interim Chief Executive, Neil Litherland said: "There is a strong demand for garages so this scheme is a real winner. By bringing garages back in to use our residents get a safe place to keep their car, we get income to help keep them in good condition and the estate looks better”.

Anyone interested in renting a garage should call Tim Roberts or Dan Jeffery on 020 7926 6385 or 6950, or email