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12 June 2012: DIY voucher scheme launches

Lambeth London Living is telling new tenants ‘you can do it’ (if you B&Q it) as a new decorating voucher scheme is rolled out across the borough.

As Lambeth London Living lays out the welcome mat for tenants, they will also be handed a B&Q voucher to help with the cost of decorating their new homes.

New tenants will be given £50 per room on a pre-loaded voucher card for the high street DIY shop.  This scheme will also be available to people whose homes need redecorating following accidental damage.

The B&Q card project is the result of housing officer Gareth Pert’s ‘light bulb’ moment.

When Gareth joined Lambeth London Living, he expressed frustration about the delay in reimbursing new residents’ decorating allowance, and came up with the voucher scheme idea to give new tenants a decoration allowance on completion of their tenancy agreement. The project is now going to be rolled out borough-wide.

Gareth says; “I wanted to find a way of providing a better customer experience and this change delivers that. At the same time I wanted to make the process simpler for staff to follow. This scheme reduces the waiting time for tenants to receive their decoration allowance, and it also means that people on benefits or lower income don’t need to worry about finding the money upfront to decorate their homes”.

Lambeth London Living Chief Executive, Neil Litherland said: “This simple scheme will make a huge difference to tenants and I was delighted to work with Gareth to turn the idea into a reality.

“It puts tenants in charge of when and how they decorate their homes and I’m pleased that a great many people will benefit from it”.

The scheme will be launched at the end of June.