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11 April 2012: Lambeth London Living turns up the pressure on noisy neighbours

Noisy neighbours – your days are numbered. That is the firm message from Lambeth London Living as the noise nuisance service on housing estates is beefed up.

New specialist noise monitoring equipment has been bought and Lambeth London Living housing staff are getting specialist training as part of the crackdown against nuisance neighbours.

A recent Lambeth London Living survey shows that most complaints about anti social behaviour centres on noise – comprising more than one third of all reported complaints. Most of the noise nuisance complaints are commonly about loud and late running parties, televisions, car radios, noisy DIY works or revving engines.

From excessively loud dog barks to noisy stereos, the new equipment will allow staff to quickly and accurately gather data and evidence of noise by monitoring, recording, and providing written evidence of sound levels. Where the sound level is confirmed as too high, Lambeth London Living staff will visit the person making the noise to ask them to stop.

Persistent noise offenders can also be issued with a noise abatement notice if they continue causing a nuisance - if they ignore the notice, they could face a court date and a fine of up to £5,000.

Neil Litherland, Lambeth London Living Chief Executive, said: “Noisy neighbours can have a huge and negative effect on peoples’ lives. By ramping up the noise nuisance service, we’re turning up the pressure on the people who cause this kind of stress”.

If you are a Lambeth London Living tenant and you are suffering noise nuisance you should let your local housing office know or you can contact Lambeth Council’s noise control service on 020 7926 5999.