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5 February 2024 Lambeth London Living takes zero tolerance approach to drug use and distribution

Lambeth London Living has successfully obtained a Suspended Possession Order against a tenant whose home was being used for the distribution of Class A drugs.

It follows a nearly year long investigation by police of a property on China Walk Estate in Kennington which resulted in Martin Ojara (27) being jailed for the supply of Class A drugs.

His uncle, a tenant of Lambeth London Living, wasn’t found to have been involved in the criminal activity.

However, given his property was being used for drug dealing, Lambeth London Living took the tenant to court in January where a Suspended Possession Order was obtained. It prevents the tenant from allowing his property to be used for drug use and distribution, and prevents his nephew, Mr Ojara, from entering the property once he’s released from prison. If the tenant breaks any of his conditions he will be evicted.

Lambeth London Living Chief Executive Cathy Deplessis says, “We want this action to send a clear message that Lambeth London Living will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in its properties. Anyone suspected of harbouring drug dealers will be investigated and possibly evicted. We want to help build strong and safe communities where residents enjoy living in their homes.”