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22 March 2023 Lambeth London Living urges access for gas safety checks

Lambeth London Living is urging tenants to allow gas servicing to be carried out on their boilers, to avoid properties being entered by their landlord.

Gas servicing is an annual requirement, but staff have been denied access to a number of properties across the borough preventing it from being carried out.

The addresses which failed to respond to a series of four letters being sent, were personally visited by Lambeth London Living staff on a number of occasions.

While the majority of those tenants have now allowed the servicing to be carried out or have made an appointment, there are still seven households which haven’t complied.

They have now been sent a fifth letter explaining the next action.

Lambeth London Living Director of Housing and Property Services David Thompson says,  “This has left us in the unfortunate position of having to enter these properties uninvited, to carry out these vital safety checks. The health and safety of our residents is our number one priority, and this small group is not only putting themselves at risk, but also their neighbours. This action really is a last resort”.

While the seven households have been given seven days’ notice, it’s hoped they’ll make an appointment before the scheduled visits which are due to start on Wednesday.

Leaving a boiler un-serviced can lead to the release of carbon monoxide gas which can be deadly. When gas escapes it can also cause explosions and fires.

Leaseholders who sublet their homes are also reminded it is their responsibility to organise safety checks for gas appliances.