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2 February 2024 Lambeth London Living tenant has national voice on social housing

A Lambeth London Living tenant has been elected onto the new National Tenant Council.

Hilary Wears, a long time campaigner of tenant rights in Lambeth and one of the four executives on Lambeth’s Tenants’ Council, is one of 50 people picked from across England.

The National Tenant Council is part of the National Tenant Voice, which is being set up to champion the rights and issues of social housing tenants. The council’s 50 tenants meet to debate and discuss key housing policy issues. Their goals are to react to government proposals and initiatives, and propose policies that will improve the lives of tenants.

The role isn’t paid, but that hasn’t deterred Ms Wears who is passionate about the rights of social housing tenants. “I have an absolute driving passion for social justice, equality, and ensuring everyone has a voice.”

Her priority is to see social housing become more accessible to those who need it. She’s optimistic the new National Tenant Council can make a difference to the quality of life of tenants throughout England, who she believes are living in a deteriorating housing stock which is also slowly decreasing.

“My aspiration is to provide a very clear channel of communication between central government and tenants. I feel it’s absolutely essential that tenants and residents in social housing can feed in at a national level.”

The National Tenant Council had its first meeting last week and aims to meet four times a year.