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2 August 2023 £18k boost for Weir Estate

Weir Estate residents in Clapham are celebrating after securing £18,000 to improve the appearance of their Estate. Three £6,000 contributions have been provided by Lambeth London Living, Breyer Group Plc (the contractor responsible for the major works on the estate which are now coming to an end) and the Weir Estate Residents’ Association (WERA) itself.

The money will be spent on repairing and replacing the old metal railings which line the estate.

WERA Chair Dave McEvoy is delighted with the deal, saying the railings, which were put up in the mid 1970s, are in desperate need of a makeover: “This work is about WERA and Lambeth London Living’s commitment to improving the look of the estate so residents can take pride in their environment. We have improved the inside of residents’ homes and now we are delighted to be able to improve our communal areas too.”

He added: “We want Weir Estate to be the best looking estate in Lambeth, and for other resident associations to aspire to be like us. We are grateful to Lambeth London Living and The Breyer Group for supporting us in this.”

The improvement work started last week and is being overseen by The Breyer Group. It’s expected to be complete by mid-August, by which time members of the Youth Offending Service will paint the old railings as part of their community payback. Breyer is also donating the paint and painting materials.

Once the railings are complete, WERA plans to start work on a new community garden for residents to enjoy.