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18 March 2023 Fit for fun at community fitness court

Lambeth London Living is very pleased to open an outdoor community fitness court at one of its sheltered estates – Heather Close.

The Heather Close Fitness Court is specially designed for older residents to help improve mobility and flexibility.

The idea was born from resident David Hart who sadly passed away last year. His vision was for an exercise area which would enable elderly residents to maintain their health to their individual capabilities.

Lambeth London Living Chief Executive Cathy Deplessis says, “I’m delighted that Lambeth London Living has worked with residents to design and build this fitness court. It will benefit residents’ health and will also provide a social and fun venue. We are keen to inspire health and wellbeing initiatives for our older residents to help them to lead active and independent lives”.

The £21,000 facility was funded by Lambeth London Living and designed to cater for a range of abilities. It includes an elliptical cross trainer which provides a low impact exercise to improve co-ordination and balance, wheels and spinners which promote flexibility, and an air walker which provides cardiovascular exercise for those whom jogging and power walking aren’t suitable.

While the facility is situated in the grounds of the Heather Close Estate, residents of other sheltered schemes and local health groups will be able to use it.

Ros Munday, Chair of the Tenants Council says, “David fought long and hard for this fitness court, and while it’s a shame he’s not here to see it, it’s nice that his legacy can live on”.

The Heather Close Fitness Court will be officially opened on Friday, 19 March, at 12pm.