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10 March 2024 Ethelred’s green transformation takes shape

Lambeth London Living has revealed that nearly all of the waste from the ongoing refurbishment of the Ethelred Estate in Kennington is being recycled.

Over 90 per cent of old kitchens, bathrooms and other construction waste is being recycled by contractor IOD Skips. The company splits the materials into metal, wood and plastic ready to be re-used in a range of different recyclables.

The £17million pound refurbishment of the three tower blocks on the Ethelred Estate will improve around 300 flats. Not only are the 40-year old buildings receiving a much needed makeover as they’re brought up to the Decent Homes standard, but they’ll also be much more energy efficient and will include solar panels to generate clean electricity.

It’s a green start to what will be a very eco friendly development.

Lambeth’s Environment Manager Jon Lissimore says, “Lambeth London Living has consistently been hitting a 92 – 97% recycling rate. The average recycling rate on projects like this is 60 – 70% so this is an excellent outcome. Lambeth is committed to working to address climate change and improving our housing to reduce CO2 emissions is an essential part of this approach.”

Improvements include better insulation, double glazing windows, and a new community heating system with a combined heat and power plant which is very energy efficient.

The refurbishment is expected to be complete by December 2010, and while Lambeth London Living recognises the progress hasn’t been as quick as some residents would like, we are confident residents will enjoy a range of sustainable benefits including warmer homes which are better ventilated, and more modern kitchens and bathrooms.