1. 14 September 2023 Lambeth London Living’s tenants celebrate a blooming great borough

    Gardening enthusiasts from local council estates crowded into Lambeth Town Hall to celebrate the annual Estates in Bloom competition. The award ceremony marks the culmination and celebration of months of hard work by the borough’s tenants to display their gardening skills.

    01 Mar 2024 13:00 March
  2. 7 July 2023 New ‘green’ heating system is a national first and creates an industry buzz

    Lambeth London Living tenants are set to reduce their collective carbon footprint with the installation of a new energy efficient heating system. A combined heat and power plant will provide heating and hot water for 432 homes when the ‘on’ switch is flicked later this summer. It will create a national first later in the year when it is adapted to ‘condensing mode’ - a highly energy efficient system that extracts the heat that would otherwise be lost from waste gases to heat the water used to warm up peoples' homes.

    01 Mar 2024 12:00 March
  3. 1 June 2023 Rent march to Town Hall by residents

    A Lambeth Council spokesperson said, "Lambeth tenants have historically benefited from one of the lowest rents in the capital and even after this increase their rents are still around the average mark for London - and far below levels in the private sector. We have also successfully lobbied the governement for a subsidy to reduce rents.The new rent level will help secure the better quality council housing that tenants have been demanding for years, and will enable us to meet the much needed investment necessary to make homes better, warmer and safer for local people. We can’t provide the quality service people want without paying for it.

    01 Mar 2024 11:00 March
  4. 1st May 2009: 150 ‘Not out' as Lambeth schools play for success

    Pupils from Lambeth schools have reason to celebrate after a century and a half of them recently completed the Playing for Success after school learning scheme.

    01 Mar 2024 09:00 March
  5. 25 February 2024 NFA Annual Review ALMO statement

    Lambeth London Living was established in July 2008 to manage the London Borough of Lambeth’s council housing stock of 36,000 properties.

    01 Mar 2024 08:00 March
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