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24 July 2008: Young Brixton resident hand picked for White House visit

A young Lambeth London Living resident is set to enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime with a hosted all-expenses paid trip to a leadership summit at the White House in Washington DC, and an eight week internship with a charitable organisation in the UK.

Eighteen-year-old Miguel Beia from the Cowley Estate in Brixton is one of five youngsters chosen above more than 200 applicants London-wide for a prestigious Student Leaders internship programme run by the Bank of Washington. He was nominated by chair of the Cowley Estate Tenant Management Organisation, Annelie Sernevall.

She comments, “I nominated him because of his willingness to help and support people. He is dedicated to making things better locally. This community doesn’t have a home-grown leader and seeing Miguel make something of this opportunity will encourage future generations to ‘put back’ into the community rather than moving away from the area".

The Bank of America Student Leaders programme has been running since 2004 and works with outstanding young people who have a passion for helping their communities The ‘student leaders’ take part in an eight week summer internship with a local not-for-profit organisation to experience first-hand how they can uplift their community. The summit is intended to help these young people develop their civic, social and business leadership skills.

Miguel says, “I’m delighted to have this amazing opportunity. This door has been opened for me and I intend to push it wide open to use it to support and help my local community and to achieve my personal ambitions”.