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24 July 2008: Lambeth – the windy city?

An exciting new proposal will be winging its way to south London tenants when Lambeth London Living, the organisation managing homes for Lambeth Council, asks ‘would you like wind turbines in your neighbourhood?’ This proposal to generate clean electricity forms part of a major multimillion pound refurbishment project planned for 296 homes on the Ethelred Estate in Kennington.

The scheme will have energy and sustainability at the heart of its contract and will encompass wide reaching improvements including new lighting, new roof covering and new double glazed aluminum window frames.

Before tenants come to a decision about the wind turbines, they will have the opportunity to mull over research that has taken place over the past year, looking at how the turbines would work and what effect they might have locally.

The proposal will also detail the number and size of turbines that would be suitable for each of the blocks. Consultation letters will be sent to tenants in the next couple of weeks and their response will determine whether wind turbines form part of Kennington’s future landscape.

Pete Redman, Interim Chief Executive for Lambeth London Living said, “This is a massive refurbishment project that will have a considerable positive difference on the quality of life for local residents.

“With a number of projects earmarked to take place as part of this contract, not only will the fabric of homes be improved but also the carbon footprint will be reduced. We are committed to ensuring that any contract we let to improve council owned homes have sustainability at the core, and this is just one example of that.”