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10 July 2008: Drug peddlers warned of zero tolerance on Lambeth housing estates

Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated on Lambeth housing estates. That is the clear message from Lambeth London Living, the arms length management organisation in charge of council properties, as a local tenant faces court action.

Tenants from flats in the Vassall, Larkhall and Minet areas have already been evicted from their homes and another property is currently subject to legal action for outright possession.

Lambeth London Living housing officers are working closely with the police to rid estates of drug peddlers and drug abusers. The two agencies work together to take civil action against tenants convicted of drug dealing, this can lead to them being evicted from their homes, with no further automatic recourse to social housing.

The two most recent actions took place in the Minet area where police raids found large quantities of illegal drugs. In the first property, the tenant has already been evicted and the property made available for letting.

The other property is currently the subject of legal action, and the housing teams are working closely with the police by providing statements and attending court hearings.

Pete Redman, interim Chief Executive of Lambeth London Living said, “We operate a zero tolerance approach to drug dealing in the council housing we manage and will always take action to rid neighbourhoods of anti-social behaviour.

“We are determined to make sure that local homes provide a safe and secure environment for people to live and enjoy”.

Sergeant Jeff Palmer said, "Vassall Safer Neighbourhood Team is working in partnership with Lambeth London Living and other agencies actively targeting drug dealing affecting the local community. A priority for us is closing down crack houses, where the use of Class A drugs and the associated anti-social behaviour in and around these addresses causes local people misery and fear. Anyone allowing or involved in these activities are being challenged and taken to court. We have had numerous successes this year closing down such properties and disrupting the activities occurring at them. Local people have had enough of drug dealers affecting their community and the actions taken by the police and the partners would not be possible without individuals willing to take a stand."