Personal effectiveness course (level 1)

When: 3 hours twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday, 10am to 1pm for 10 weeks (started on Monday 29 April, but places are still available).

Where:  St Martins Community centre, Abbots Park, SW2 3PW

What it involves: The course will support you to discover your personal strengths and the areas you wish to develop in your life. These might be related to yourself, your relationships with others or your work ambitions. You will decide on a set of personal goals you wish to achieve, plan for how to successfully achieve these goals and ensure that you stay on track. Included in the topics you will cover are identifying what motivates you; creating a CV and promoting yourself on the internet; working as part of a team and developing personal skills for leadership.

How to apply: If you interested in this course, contact Alison Backhouse on  or Rose Marie Mitchell on from the the City Literary Institute, as soon as possible. Or call 020 7492 2600.