Our repair responsibility

As freeholder we must:

  • repair and maintain the structural parts of your flat, and
  • repair, maintain, renew and provide services to the shared areas and structure of the building

This will cover:

  • in your flat:
    • the window frames
    • concrete floors
    • structural walls
    • pipework, wires and cables that run through your flat to other parts of the building.
  • in your building:
    • shared staircases, corridors and balconies
    • door-entry systems
    • lifts
    • the roof space
    • roofs
    • main timbers and joists
    • concrete floors
    • foundations
    • window frames (shared and individual)
    • outside walls or dividing walls
    • shared wiring, cabling and pipework
    • district heating systems.

Under the lease, you must pay a share of our expenses in:repairing, maintaining and renewing these items.

Properties on estates

If your property is on an estate, we are responsible for repairing, renewing, maintaining, replacing and providing services to:

  • roads
  • pathways
  • shared landscaped areas, and
  • play areas on the estate.

We are also responsible for the:

  • underground cables
  • wires, and
  • pipes that supply gas, electricity and water to the estate.

Under the lease, you must pay a share of our expenses in repairing, renewing, replacing and maintaining these areas.