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Parking Enforcement changes from 17 November

From Monday 17 November Lambeth Council will be able to penalise non permit holders more easily, in line with the on-street enforcement policy. This means that the number of parking offences by non-residents will reduce and parking for residents and permit holders will be easier. Permits will stay the same price and the number of bays will not change.

Residents and visitors will be able to park on their estate provided they have an up-to-date permit or voucher displayed in their vehicle.  (Please note the permits cannot be used to park on the public highway).  There are no current plans to repaint or replace yellow lines.

Where you can buy parking permits

Estate parking permits and vouchers can be purchased at Lambeth London Living’s North Area office at 91 Kennington Lane, SE11 4HQ. There will be no increase in the cost for a permit or voucher as part of this change.

Parking restrictions and consulting with residents

Although these restrictions apply at all times to discourage unauthorised parking, informal agreements may be applied to individual estates to meet local needs.  We will begin an engagement process shortly to establish these local rules working with the appropriate decision-making body on each estate.

Parking enforcement

Parking enforcement will be carried out and managed through the Council’s on-street parking contract.  This service is currently provided by NSL.  Lambeth London Living will ensure that the right level of enforcement is taking place and to resolve any issues or complaints about the service, please find their contact details below.

For two weeks, warning notices will be issued to inform non-permit holders of these changes. After this period NSL will be issuing Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) against any vehicles that do not have permission to park on the estate or do not properly display their permit.

Key Dates:

  • 31st October - Traffic Management Order released
  • 3 November - Issue warning notices
  • 14 November - Installation ends
  • 17 November - PCNs will be issued

Key Contacts

For general enquiries, information about policy change and consultation: contact Lambeth London Living, call 0800 088 0088 or email

For PCN appeals: contact Lambeth Parking, call 020 7926 9000, or visit

For Contractor complaints: contact Lambeth Parking, call 020 7926 9694

For Traffic Management order enquiries: contact Lambeth Highways, call 020 7430 6985, or email

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