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Estate Pride makes Tulse Hill cleaner, leaner and greener

Tulse Hill residents say tackling ‘envirocrime’ is the top priority to get people feeling a new sense of ‘Estate Pride’. Lambeth London Living has acted on resident suggestions with new dog waste bins, an outdoor gym, recycling points and a plan for enforcers to warn - or even fine- rubbish dumpers.

Doggy do’s and don’ts
New dog waste bins on Tulse Hill Estate make it easier for people to clear up after their pets.

Estate Pride Project Officer Linda Elliott reported that a whole box of bags were used in the first week. The new bins have built-in dispensers for plastic gloves so you can pick up and dispose of the toxic waste hygienically.

Responsible dog owners who always do the right thing and get fed up when their best friend is unfairly blamed for someone else’s ‘walkies of shame’ are glad to see poop-scooping made so simple – there’s simply no excuse.

Outdoor Gym
Tulse Hill Estate is also the site of a new outdoor gym installed to help meet residents’ requests for help to get fitter while enjoying the estate environment.

“This is our first outdoor gym on an estate” says Lambeth London Living Garden and Play Space designer Caroline Fraser.

“The equipment is vandal proof. Tulse Hill has quite a young population on average, so how it develops is a useful pilot for estates.”

Two recycling points are also new additions to the Estate, designed for furniture to be put in one place for collection.

Latest  Estate Pride initiative for Tulse Hill is a plan for enforcement officers to patrol the estate with advice and warnings about rubbish dumping - and the power to fine or prosecute environment criminals – this follows on from successful tracking down of fly tippers on other Estates.

‘Estate Pride’ is about supporting community-led ideas to help residents think of their estate as a place they’re proud to call ‘home’. More estates will be included in 2014/15.

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