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16 January: Prevent leaks or water damage in your home

Leaks in residents’ homes are the largest cause for complaints; over half of all leasehold buildings insurance claims are due to damage by water, overflow or cracked pipes that are preventable.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure that you stop any leaks in your home:

  • Put up a shower rail or screen if you do not already have one.
  • Replace any missing or damaged grouting around your bath and surrounding tiles.
  • Check that your washing machine is plumbed in correctly.
  • When your boiler has its annual service ask for them to check that the waste pipe is fitted correctly.
  • Report a leak or blocked guttering/ rain water pipe as soon as you notice it.
  • Make sure you know where the stopcock is and that it works.
  • When you leave the home for any length of time in the winter months (for example to go on holiday), turn off the water system and drain, unless you are leaving the central heating on.
  • Check radiators and pipes regularly for signs of damage.
  • Lag any exposed water pipes and tanks (for example in a roof space).  Do NOT insulate under a water tank. As this may cause the water to freeze.
  • If your pipes show signs of freezing, thaw them out slowly.  Do NOT use a blowlamp or other naked flame.

If you discover a leak or water damage in your property report it on 0207 926 6000.

Find out about insurance covering damaged caused by a leak.

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