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11 January: Innovative Partnership work evicts tenants

Our innovative partnership work with the Police has helped us evict tenants who are using their homes for illegal activity.

Since mid October our Central area Tenancy enforcement team has been working around the clock with the Clapham Common Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) to identify tenancy breaches. Together we have delivered early morning 5am briefings before dawn raids and built joint cases to re-possess properties and evict those abusing social housing.

Since the partnership work began proceedings have started to take possession of five of our properties. Further action is being taken to close two suspected commercial crack houses identified through the partnership work.

We will strengthen this partnership by providing training to SNTs across the borough about partnership working and powers to repossess or close a home suspected of dealing in Class A drugs.

Terry Gallagher, Lambeth London Living Deputy Chief Executive said “This is the first time this type of partnership work has taken place in Lambeth; it is a privilege to be involved in this innovative partnership, which is bringing positive results.”

Acting Inspector Lee Burgess said: "The Metropolitan Police is committed to tackling all of forms of crime and anti-social behaviour and will make sure we play our part in supporting and protecting members of our communities. We are very pleased with this initiative taken with our partners, which will demonstrate to the few who act in an irresponsible manner that their actions have consequences.

"Through this innovative form of partnership work The Metropolitan Police Service and Lambeth London Living will reduce crime and the fear of it in our communities".

If you suspect that a property is being illegally used to sell drugs contact our Central Tenancy enforcement team on 0800 088 0088 or email or you’re local Safer Neighbourhoods Team, visit for contact details.

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