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10 April: Housing Benefit Changes - What Is A Bedroom?

Under the Government’s benefits changes which were introduced on 1st April, working-age tenants with spare bedrooms will have their benefits reduced.

Tenants with one 'spare' bedroom will lose 14 per cent of their benefit and those with two or more 'spare' bedrooms will lose 25 per cent.

How many bedrooms a property has is defined in your tenancy agreement.

Lambeth London Living’s Welfare Reform Team will help guide you through the Benefit Changes. For information and advice about changes to benefits you can contact them by: 

Calling: 020 7926 3895 or 020 7926 1939 or 020 7926 0262


Visiting: Central Income Team, The Springfield Centre, Second floor, 110 Union Road, SW8 2SH

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