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17 December: Clapham Safety Hub launch

The Safer Lambeth Partnership is launching the safety hub on Saturday and Sunday nights over the festive period to offer a safe haven for those who have been injured, feeling vulnerable, unwell or just in need of help.

Party-goers over the festive period in need of help can go to the Hub which will be fitted with a first aid treatment area, a seating area and provisions to have a cup of tea and a biscuit. In addition to this, The Hub will also assist helpless people out on the town late at night, with help and advice from qualified volunteers and Street Pastor teams.

The Hub aims to help reduce alcohol-fuelled violence, crime and disorder in the Clapham area on busy weekends, and lessen the strain on residents, police and Accident and Emergency departments and crews.

Qualified medical staff will be on hand to provide basic medical care and staff from the Police, Community Safety, Environmental and Highway Services, Sainsbury’s, Street Pastors, and Infernos will provide SIA registered security, cleaning staff and a taxi booking service whilst the Methodist Church have allowed for the use of the Church itself and will provide some volunteers.

This is a pilot project which will run on Saturday and Sunday nights from 11pm to 5am for the next eight weeks finishing on Sunday 3 February.

The Hub will be based at the Methodist Church on Clapham High Street -