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Morrison steps in to take over repairs work from Connaught

Lambeth London Living is pleased with the immediate progress Morrison has made since taking over the repairs work of Connaught yesterday.

Following the collapse of social housing service provider Connaught last week, Lambeth London Living and Lambeth Council decided to transfer the repairs work to Morrison to ensure the repairs service to residents did not deteriorate.

Lambeth London Living Chief Executive Cathy Deplessis said: “We have been working around the clock to monitor service levels, meet legal obligations and reach a decision that offered the best value for money.”

Morrison was the natural choice. Because it already provided repairs to 65 per cent of the council’s homes, it was better prepared and equipped than any other contractor to start a full and immediate repairs service to all homes in Lambeth previously serviced by Connaught.

Morrison now has responsibility for 100 per cent of responsive repairs to council homes in the borough.

As of yesterday Morrison began carrying out repairs for all priorities of work. Workloads will increase over the coming weeks, although it will take some time for the last week's backlog to be dealt with.

Any resident who has an urgent repair needing attention is urged to call the Lambeth Service Centre on 0800 088 0088. A 24 hour emergency repairs line is also available on 020 7926 6666.

The new arrangement will be in place until new contracts come into effect next April.