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Estates in Bloom 2009 Winners

Gardening enthusiasts from local council estates crowded into Lambeth Town Hall to celebrate the annual Estates in Bloom competition. The award ceremony marks the culmination and celebration of months of hard work by the borough’s tenants to display their gardening skills.

More than 100 people entered the competition, making it the most popular year for the competition so far. Their efforts transformed Lambeth borough over the summer with colourful blooms and green arrangements brightening up estate gardens and open spaces.

With a wide variety of competition categories, entrants were able to exercise their gardening prowess in a range of areas from domestic paved garden or balcony display through to sheltered scheme garden and young gardener.

Cathy Deplessis, Chief Executive of Lambeth London Living said, "Once again our tenants’ gardening efforts have transformed the borough making it brighter and greener – there is clearly a lot of gardening talent on estates. This competition is one of the highlights of our calendar and displays are easily worthy of entry to some of the top gardening shows”.