Looking after your home: your repair responsibility

As a resident you have responsibilities to keep your home in a good condition.

You must:

  • keep your home and garden clean and in good decorative order by carrying out minor repairs to your home
  • Report repairs which we are responsible for in good time and help us monitor the standard of work
  • provide a safe and clean working environment for our repair contractors and to allow them enough time to carry out the repair.
  • Give us access to your property to carry out Repairs, Gas servicing, annual safety checks and any inspections that are necessary
  • take action to prevent drains and waste pipes becoming blocked
  • prevent and control condensation
  • let us know about any damaged materials that may contain asbestos
  • Get written permission from your local area office to alter or make improvements to your home or carry out electrical works
  • make sure that no-one who lives in or visits your home causes any damage.

We also have repair responsibilities as your landlord. For more details about your repairs responsibility, our  and advice on maintaining your home see the Repairs manual.

If you do not carry out a repair that is your responsibility, that puts your health or safety at risk we will carry out the repair and recharge you for the cost of the work.


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