Improving homes - the Lambeth Housing Standard

What is the Lambeth London Living?

The Lambeth London Living is the standard to which Lambeth Council and Lambeth London Living will maintain all residents’ homes.

The LLL was produced after consultation (in 2011/2012)  with over 5,600 residents. It is based on their ideas, sets out what they told us was important to them and what they want for their homes.

Over five years from April 2012 to April 2017 we will spend over £450 million improving residents’ homes to make sure they meet the Standard.

The LLL will make sure that all residents' homes are fit to live in and that they are:

  • warm, safe and dry
  • in good repair and well maintained
  • have reasonably modern facilities.

Why do we need the LLL?

A lack of funds and a long history of not carrying out works means that we need to spend a lot of money to improve residents’ homes to bring them up to the LLL.

We engaged with over 5,600 residents before who told us what their priorities were for their homes. We used this information to develop the full LLL standard.

Who benefits from the LLL?

The LLL applies to all homes occupied by tenants.

For leaseholders the LLL applies to repairs carried out under the terms of the lease.

Just under half (45%) residents homes already meet the LLL and they will not be receiving any major improvement works. Residents of these homes will benefit from the wider LLL programme which includes:

  • repairs and redecoration of communal areas
  • improvements in estate lighting and
  • other estate wide measures.

When did works start?

Work started in the year 2012/13. Because we want to keep residents safe and secure in their homes work in the first year of the LLL has been in areas where there were health and safety concerns.

This means we have been replacing and upgrading the front doors to many homes and communal doors to blocks of flats. We have done this to make sure the doors meet modern fire safety standards and police security standards.

In 2012/13 and 2023/14 we worked on a number of estates including our three key pilots estates - one in each management area.

  • Hemans and Wyvil in the North of the borough
  • Lilford in the Centre of the borough
  • Deronda in the South of the borough

From 2014/15 we are rolling out the programme to even more estates and increasing our street properties programme throughout the borough.We will also start work bringing Sheltered Housing up to the LLL.