Tips for a more energy efficient home


Tips for a more energy efficient home

Solar panels

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make a home more energy conservative is by installing the beneficial solar panels on the roof of the house. You can have tons of money when relying on solar power to generate energy, and moreover, it increases the overall value of the property.


Installation of a whole house fan

When a house has poor ventilation facilities, it results in the inside of a house becoming hot and uncomfortable. As a result, we switch on the AC which uses more units to battle this prevalent heat inside. However, installing a whole house fan is practical and efficient as it sucks out the hot air from the house and enabling the AC to use a much lower current to cool the house quickly.

Maintain proper insulation

It is a recommended tip to maintain appropriate insulation in the walls of your house to keep the ideal climate within the home. Lack of sufficient insulation in the walls could mean disaster in seasonal changes as heat could seep out during winter, and cold air could spill out in summer causing discomfort.

Do not wash using hot water

A ridiculous amount of energy is used in heating water to be used in washing laundry. This method is not only unnecessary but employs a large amount of energy as well. Swapping hot water with cold water for washing laundry is equally valid and saves you lots of energy and money.

Replace or seal old windows

Another useful tip in saving additional units being spent is by sealing existing windows by weather-stripping them. This prevents any cold air from leaking during summer and likewise in the case of winter. Windows damaged beyond repair can be replaced with energy conserving windows such as double pane windows which do not allow heat or frost to penetrate inside the climate of the house.

Plant shade trees

For those houses lacking proper insulation, consider planting trees and other vegetation around the house. During summer, it is an effective way of keeping the house cool by preventing the heat from penetrating in. Moreover, it adds to the overall beauty of the home.

Replace incandescent bulbs with LED lights

It is an incredibly good idea to replace all your existing incandescent bulbs in the house with LED lights. Why? Since LED lights help you save approximately 75 percent on costs and are 25times more likely to last longer.

Use energy star appliances

Using energy star appliances will significantly help you lower your energy costs as all energy star appliances meet necessary energy specifications and avail 10-50 percent less energy compared to regular devices.

Installing a storm door

You can save more energy and costs by installing storm doors in front of existing doors to form of an additional layer of protection from seasonal impacts. Such entries are typically made out of low-emissivity glass.

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