LLL Case Studies (in your own words) and Projects

Residents told us they wanted to hear more about the LLL improvement works from a resdient's point of view and also to find out more about work from the teams.

So we've been out and about talking to residents who've had LLL works about their experiences. We've also been talking to our LLL teams about what delivering the works mean to them. 

We've developed a series of case studies and we'll be publishing these regularly. You'll be able to see and read them here, as well as download them (as pdf files). We'll tweet when we publish a new case study and regularly include them in our Living Standard update which is part of our Living Local quarterly residents magazine.


LLL Case Studies
Case Study details Area Download as pdf
Case Study 1: Ms D's new kitchen Central Area: Tulse Hill 2023-11-07 Case Study 1 Ms D's new kitchen [pdf] 203KB
Case Study 2: Mr A's new bathroom Central Area: St Matthews 2023-11-14 Case Study 2 Mr A's new bathroom [pdf] 258KB
Case Study 3: Miss P's new windows South Area: Valley Road 2023-11-18 Case Study 3 Miss P's new windows [pdf] 254KB
Case Study 4: Mr H's new heating South Area: Streatham Hill Ward 2024-01-08 Case Study 4 Mr H - Palace Road Estate.pdf [pdf] 244KB

LLL Projects
Case Study details Area Download as pdf
Project 1: Cotton Gardens - improved security North Area: Princes Ward 2023-11-20 LLL Project 1 - Cotton Gardens [pdf] 416KB
Project 2: Mursell Estate - improved water pressure and supply   2023-12-20 LLL Project 2 - Mursell Estate [pdf] 251KB
Project 3: Rushcroft Road - bringing homes back into social housing   COMING SOON