Leasehold council

The Leasehold Council meet as an executive body, up to four times a year, to ensure the smooth running of the Leasehold Council.

The Leasehold Council's aims and objectives are:

  • To act as the recognised representative voice of Lambeth leaseholders
  • To act as a consultative body on issues of borough wide concern to service charge payers, making referrals to and receiving referrals from Leaseholders patch meetings, to consider matters submitted by officers of the council and responding to these as appropriate.
  • To nominate representatives to receive agenda papers and attend meetings within and outside of the council structure on behalf of the Lambeth Leasehold Council.
  • To further opportunities for deliberation of issues, and to provide continuity of contact between those receiving the housing service and the council; the role of Lambeth Leasehold Council will be subject to continual development.
  • In the event of perceived difference between the council and leaseholders to seek resolution by informed discussion and debate.

To represent the interests of leaseholders to outside bodies e.g. other government agencies.

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