How To Make Your Home in Lambeth Spacious

How To Make Your Home in Lambeth Spacious

You can’t deny that living in London is the dream. No matter where you are in the capital, you have access to all the great perks of living in the city. However, while the benefits are the same, the experience wildly varies from borough to borough. 

Lambeth is a part of Inner London. It is near popular tourist sites, corporate headquarters, and world-class shopping destinations. By all considerations, it is one of the more sought-after addresses in London. However, it also means one other thing: small housing options. 

Housing Situation In Lambeth

The ratio between property prices and median salary in Lambeth is 13:2, with the gap steadily increasing. It is becoming harder for residents to find affordable housing, much less a spacious home. The best thing you can do is to make the most with what you have. 

There are several ways you can go about it. You can stay in your small apartment or downsize into a smaller home. Both options mean significantly less storage space.  

Space Saving Solutions

If you are looking to regain your storage space, here are some space-saving solutions you can try: 

Self Storage Facility In Lambeth

The reality is that most residents don’t need larger flats with increased living space. That crowded feeling you get is not about the square footage - it is about the division of space. Smaller flats have less storage, so most of your belongings are out in the open - making your home feel small and cluttered.

A self storage facility in Lambeth can house your non-essential items for you. With those items out of the way, you can say hello to a spacious flat. So what can a self storage facility offer? Here are some of the qualities that make them one of the best space-saving solutions on the market: 

Variety Of Sizes 

A storage unit can come in many different sizes, so you can select according to what you need. Some units can hold a couple of boxes and bins while others can hold full-sized appliances, bulky furniture, old clothes, and other miscellaneous items. 


Storage facilities have CCTV cameras, security guards, intruder alarms, and strict visiting hours. You also have to provide your own padlock, so nobody else has access to your unit - not even the staff. Compared to your flat, it has a better security system in place, so your items are in good hands.

Climate Control

With climate control, you don’t have to worry about the effects of moisture on your belongings. Wooden furniture, natural fibres, vintage books, and sentimental items are pretty sensitive. If you were to leave them in your flat, all it takes is one burst pipe to ruin everything. In your self storage unit, everything is well-protected. 

If you want to make the most out of your storage unit in Lambeth, it is best to declutter your belongings. Not only will you get to save on a smaller unit, but you also get to double-down on having a more spacious home. 

Decluttering Your Home

Items tend to pile up over time. If you are busy, you don’t get to organise your belongings. The lack of order along with an inefficient system makes your already small flat in Lambeth even more cramped. 

There are several systems you can use to start your decluttering process:

By Room

Divide your home into different territories: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room etc. and declutter according to each one. If you have a studio apartment, you can divide the flat according to equal sections and treat each one like you would a room. Over time, you should be able to go through all the items in each area. 

By Category

This strategy is popularised by Mari Kondo, a Japanese organising specialist. Instead of visiting each room, you consider the item category. The KonMari method breaks it down according to clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items. Go through each category and see what items you want to keep or discard. 

By Time

For those with busy schedules, you can set the amount of time dedicated to decluttering. By taking 15-30 mins out of each day to tackle your clutter, you are sure to make massive strides without compromising your work or home life. 


When you are finished sorting, you can sell some of your items. Since it takes a lot of work, you should be selective about what you want to sell. Focus on items that are in good condition and have a ton of interest and value. You can use thrifting apps, social media sites, and online stores to make it happen.

For lower quality and cheaper items, avoid selling them piece by piece. It would be better to throw them in as a freebie or sell them as a set. By doing this, you streamline the decluttering process while making extra cash.


After you sell most of your pieces, you can look at donating the rest. Remember that you can only donate items that are in good condition. Everything else that doesn’t make the cut should be recycled or thrown away. 

You can donate clothes, books, and household items to a charity in Lambeth. However, not all charities accept everything, so do your research before your visit. You can also hold on to some of the items for the next charity bazaar or auction. 

Besides donating to charities, you can look in-house. Ask your family and friends if they are interested in anything you plan on decluttering. 

When you successfully declutter your home, you can start a new chapter. There are many benefits to having more space. Besides getting rid of an eyesore, it can also improve your mood and mental health. An increase in productivity, patience, and a general sense of ease are just some of the benefits. 

With proper storage solutions, you have space for other home projects like making your home energy-efficient or adding a new hobby corner. If any of these sounds appealing to you, make your home in Lambeth more spacious today!

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