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  1. Estate Action partnership Day North Area Sept 2014

    North Area Tenancy Enforcenment team go door-to-door with partners from the police and fire brigade to help residents tackle priority problems

  2. Free gardening sessions support food gardening

    Community Gardener Ruth Arnott advises on Autumn planting and how residents got involved in the Edible Living project on Lairdale Estate.

  3. Sept 2014 ECO External wall insulation complete on St Matthew's Estate

    External wall insulation to Camsey, Farnfield and Rainsford Houses on St Matthew's Estate was completed August 2014 and offers environmental benefits for years to come.

  4. Vauxhall gardens bird boxes winners Aug 2014

    In August, Cool-it Art invited young people to design bird boxes  Vauxhall Gardens Estate. Here are the five winners.

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