ECO Energy Efficiency Improvements

What is ECO and where is the £10m coming from?

ECO stands for Energy Company Obligation. The Government has made the seven biggest UK energy companies legally responsible for reducing their carbon footprints. By April 2015, energy companies will spend £570 million on insulation and other energy saving work.

British Gas have agreed to pay 100% of the cost of this year’s Lambeth London Living ECO improvements. 2023/14 is a pilot scheme, and we hope this will lead to more funding to help more residents.

What will be done in Lambeth homes?

British Gas have a specialist contractor, Lawtech, who will be carying out the improvement works.  The pilot programme will include cavity wall insulation (CWI) and external wall insulation (EWI).  These improvements will make homes cheaper to heat and keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

How much could the savings be?

The Energy Saving Trust estimate the following savings (based on a gas heated semi-detached house with three bedrooms):

  • Cavity wall insulation - save £140 per year and 560kg of carbon dioxide
  • External wall insulation - save around £490 per year and 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Because of the ECO we can provide these improvements for no cost to residents.  If residents had to pay for the works cavity wall insulation could cost around £500 and external wall insulation between £9,500 to £13,000.

How many homes will benefit?

The pilot scheme is for 3,000 homes and will help residents save on fuel bills.

We have targeted these improvements on homes which already meet the Lambeth Housing Standard.  This is extra funding on top of the £450 million LLL budget, helping us improve more homes this year.

When will it happen?

We are holding a consultation event on 20 August in the Assembly Halls for residents of the first 1,000 homes to benefits. Lawtech's specialist technicians will then start the works in early September. The work on this pilot scheme will be in three phases: A, B and C.

Where to find out more

We will work with British Gas and Lawtech to hold information events, community days and  and roadshows during the whole of the pilot project.  We will write to residents who's homes are in phase A, B and C to invite  them to these events.

Lawtech will also send regular newsletters to homes being improved.

You can find out more about ECO and the types of improvements offered: