Free pet chipping for Lambeth London Living residents

With Spring just around the corner, Lambeth London Living is organising a free event for pet owners who want to avoid the risk of their pets causing a flea infestation at home. May 8th in Brixton and May 21st  in Clapham mark the days when cat and dog owners  can bring their furry friends to have them de-flead. Worming and pet-chipping will also be available free of charge.

We encourage responsible pet ownership and this free pet event will ensure that cats or dogs whose owners take advantage of the free micro chipping offer, can be assured that there is a good chance that their pet can be returned to them in the event that it goes missing.

We have organised these event in partnership with the local RSPCA.  Pet owners should arrive on the 8th May at the Brixton Area Housing Office at Greenleaf Close, Tulse Hill Estate, SW2 2HB, and on the 21st May at the Clapham Area Housing Office at Worsopp Drive, Notre Dame Estate, SE4 9QU, both between 4pm and 8pm to get their pet chipped with the free identity device. The chip will hold the name and address of the pet owner, along with the pet’s details including its age, sex, and breed. Kittens and puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks old to receive the chip.

The microchip serves as a permanent form of ID and most animal organisations, wardens and vets have scanners capable of reading it.

For more information on pet chipping prior to the day, contact the RSPCA on 07952 680 522.

8th May at the Brixton Area Housing Office between 4pm and 8pm.
Greenleaf Close
Tulse Hill Estate

21st May at the Clapham Area Housing Office between 4pm and 8pm.
Worsopp Drive
Notre Dame Estate

No appointments are necessary and donations can be made to the RSPCA on the day.