Improving homes

The Lambeth London Living has been agreed by the council’s cabinet. Lambeth London Living will now play a crucial role in delivering the Standard to bring improvements to our homes.

Implementing the Lambeth Housing Standard will be a major area of work for the whole organisation over the next five years and will see substantial improvements to homes on behalf of our tenants.

The improvements, which will cost £500 million, will be carried out over a five year programme – starting later this year and running until 2017.

What is the Lambeth Housing Standard?

The Lambeth Housing Standard is the standard to which Lambeth Council and Lambeth London Living will maintain all of its housing stock.

The Standard will make sure that all our homes are warm, safe and dry.

The Standard will make sure that homes are in good repair and are well maintained.

To make sure that our homes meet the LLL a significant programme of works will be started in April 2012. This programme will take five years and will mean that all homes meet the Standard.

Who benefits from the Lambeth Housing Standard?

The Lambeth Housing Standard applies to all tenanted properties with 2,500 seeing improvements in year one of the programme.

For leaseholders, the Standard applies to repairs carried out under the terms of the lease.

Some of our homes already meet the Standard so they will not be receiving any additional works. This applies to just under half of our homes. These homes will benefit from the wider programme that includes repairs and redecoration of communal areas, estate lighting and other estate wide measures.

What works are included in the Standard?

The Standard includes elements such as roofs, door entry systems, kitchens, windows and guttering. This does not include bathroom replacements but does include upgrades where necessary.

Not all homes will see works take place as some already meet the Standard. The programme is being developed and more detail about which properties or estates will be included and when will be added to the website.

When will works start?

From April 2012 the initial works will be focusing on areas where there are major health and safety concerns. A full programme for the following four years will be developed later in 2012.

Why is there a Lambeth Housing Standard?

A long history of under investment and a lack of funds has meant that our housing stock is in need of significant investment. Following extensive consultation with residents, the Lambeth Housing Standard has been developed. The LLL will enable future investment in the housing stock to be prioritised and targeted. Significant engagement with residents has been undertaken to understand the priorities of residents. This consultation has informed the development of the Lambeth Housing Standard.

The Standard was developed after extensive consultation and involvement with residents – over 5,600 people took part in the consultation over the autumn and winter of 2011/12.