Parking on Lambeth London Living estates

If you wish to park on an estate which is participating in a parking permit scheme you must display a resident permit or a daily visitor voucher or scratch card along with your valid tax disc or statutory off road notice (SORN).

See estate parking permits to find out how to apply for a parking permit.

If you want to park your vehicle on one of our housing estates you must:

  • park in marked bays (this does not include private parking bays or public footpaths)
  • display a valid tax disc or SORN declaration on your vehicle windscreen
  • display a valid permit on your vehicle windscreen where a permit scheme is in operation.

You also must not park on double yellow lines, crosshatched areas, grassed areas, or pavements and where you would be obstructing emergency access areas at any time, even with a valid parking permit.

You are required to park correctly in the assigned areas on any Lambeth London Living estate, even if your estate is not included in the current enforcement scheme.

If you do not follow parking rules your vehicle could be clamped or removed.

Displaying your parking permit

You must clearly display a valid permit or scratch card on the front left of your vehicle betwen 10am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Displaying your SORN declaration

If you wish to use a SORN declaration on any Lambeth London Living estate you will need to apply for one from the DVLA.

Once you have received an official letter from the DVLA advising you of the length of your SORN declaration, send a copy of this to:

Lambeth London Living Parking Section
Hambrook House, 1st Floor
Porden Road
SW2 5RW.

Otherwise you may email to enquire if you are allowed to use the SORN declaration on the particular estate you wish (as stated in the response from the DVLA and the tenancy agreement you signed when your tenancy started with Lambeth).

This will enable us to monitor the number of unused vehicles on our estates that are currently taking up valuable space.

Display your SORN letter on the front windscreen of your car. Please black out your personal details before you display it on your car. See a sample SORN letter (PDF, 254 KB).

If you do not display this letter on your windscreen your vehicle may be removed. We will not recognise any other notice.

Your parking responsibilities as a tenant or leaseholder

As a tenant or leaseholder you should:

  • follow the parking controls on your estate
  • park only in designated parking areas
  • properly show your parking permit at all times
  • report lost permits to the local housing office and ask for a new permit
  • report unauthorised parking to the local housing office.

Questions and concerns

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the parking situation on your estate, please contact your local area office. Please note, parking permits can be purchased only at our offices listed on the estate parking permits page.


If you would like to make a complaint about the parking enforcement service, you can write or email:

Lambeth London Living Customer Relations
Hambrook House, first floor
Porden Road

phone: 0800 088 0088

More information

For further information contact the Lambeth London Living Call Centre on 0800 088 0088.


(updated 29/12/2023)