Lambeth London Living Board

Lambeth London Living is made up of 16 board directors - eight tenant and leaseholder representatives, four council nominees and four independent members. All board directors are volunteers.

Lambeth London Living Chair                               


Lambeth London Living Vice- Chair  

Lynn Holman (Acting Chair)    

Current Lambeth London Living Board Members

Tenant and leaseholder representatives

Alan Bevan                         Tenant
Austin Dede                       Tenant
Lynn Holman                     Leaseholder
Pauline Lewis                   Tenant
Barry McCalla                    Leaseholder
Babatunde Williams        Tenant

Council nominees

Cllr Jackie Meldrum         Deputy Leader of the Council
Cllr Kirsty McHugh            Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing
Nana Amoa-Buahin         Divisional Director Human Resources

Independent representatives

Michael English
Kim Parkins
Sandy Shattock