About Lambeth London Living

Lambeth London Living Limited is an arm's length management organisation (ALMO).

An ALMO is a company set up by a local authority to manage and improve all or part of its housing stock.

Lambeth London Living is owned by the London Borough of Lambeth and operates under the terms of a management agreement.

We are governed by a board of directors which includes tenants, leaseholders, Lambeth Council nominees and independent members.

Our mission

"To manage and deliver high quality homes and excellent service to Lambeth tenants, leaseholders and freeholders."

We will achieve our mission by seeking to achieve four main aims.

Our aims

  • Excellent, customer focused services that support residents
  • High quality homes in excellent condition
  • Safer, sustainable homes and neighbourhoods
  • A well run organisation that is excellent at collecting and managing money


(updated 2/2/2024)